Basic Beginner Photography Mistakes

Basic Beginner Photography Mistakes

Forgetting about light


Great photos are those that transmit a message. Whether it’s a portrait or a landscape, you may have tried to recreate some great pictures and felt there’s something missing. The problem is most likely the light.


You should always take some time to study different angles and positions and decide which ones get the best light. For landscapes, daylight is key. You’ll get more color at sunrise and sunset, but you’ll get fewer shadows at midday. For portraits, you should avoid direct sunlight. A good tip is to move your hand around and find the position where the light on your palm is even. You can also use shadows in your favor to create dramatic effects.


Finding the best light is usually what makes the difference between an amateur and a professional.



Over exposing bright features


When taking pictures with high contrast between dark and light areas, beginner will usually set their exposure to the dark features. Otherwise, you feel like you are losing those details. However, this means the light parts of your photo will be over exposed.


Imagine taking a picture of a room with a window. If you set your exposure so that you see the details of what’s inside, the window will appear like a white square. The best way to fix is to set the expose to the window and let the room remain dark: you can then fix this with a post-production software (Lightroom, Darktable).




Lacking spontaneity


Photography is not an exact science. You may have excellent ideas and plan a photo shoot step by step, but be disappointed with the results. It is essential to be able to improvise and avoid beginner photography mistakes.


If you are taking picturesof models, instead of giving them exact directions of what they should do, you can try sharing a feeling or an emotion for them to recreate. Posed photos feel fake; try to get your models to laugh or dance, to feel sad or angry.


If you are able to capture raw feelings and emotions your pictures will become much more powerful and meaningful.

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