Using the Rule of Thirds To Take Amazing Photos

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One of the key features that distinguish beginner and amazing photos is composition. Never heard of it? Don’t worry, you might be already using it without knowing!

The importance of composition

Whenever you take a picture, you need to make sure that those who see your picture know where to look at. Let’s say you’re walking at the beach and find a beautiful lighthouse. How can you take a great picture of it?

Most beginners make photos with the main subject in the center. It might seem natural: whatever is in the center of the picture is the most important thing. But that’s not how professionals do it.

Amazing photos must tell a story and give context to your subject. That’s why composition is key. It’s the general layout of the elements in your photo. With good composition, the objects are well distributed on the picture, and everything just “feels right”.

Understanding the rule of thirds

Our eyes tend to look first at one of the intersections of the vertical and horizontal lines. You should place your subject and other key objects at those points. By doing so, your picture will look more balanced and natural.

Another great way to use the rule of thirds is by including guiding lines along the horizontal and vertical lines. The best way to apply this is landscape photography.

You should always place the horizon in one of the horizontal lines. If you want to focus on the sky, then place the horizon on the lower line. Otherwise, place it on the upper line, and you’ll get more land or water.

Getting a little help

You must keep the rule of thirds in mind, but you don’t need to do it on your own. Most smartphones and DSLR cameras like Canon 5ds include an optional grid for you to use the rule of thirds. Just enable it on your settings and start taking amazing pictures!

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