WOW Your Family With Great Baby Pictures

Baby pictures are loved by everyone. Baby photography is one of the most exciting and fun types of photography. Well done pictures make the viewing even more pleasurable.

An infant should be photographed as soon as possible after birth. At about a week the infant will grow out of the curled up stage into an unfurled position. Then you can never get that early shot again.

Plan Your Shots for Real Effect

Make a list of the shots you definitely want. After you make these shots you can become creative and try different angles, different positions, and ideas. There is a lot of room for creativity in photographing babies.

The best time to photograph babies is after they have been fed and have been set down to take a nap. A small amount of noise will not disturb them, and you can move their arms and legs for the shot.

Plan the Best Time

First, get all of the distractions out of the shooting area. Things like bottles, nappies, and other extraneous materials will add clutter and make for a messy shot. Include things like a favorite toy or teddy.

Think about things to place your baby on or in for the picture. A soft bean bag covered with a non-reflective piece of plain muted fabric makes a nice pedestal upon which to place the baby. The bean bag will cradle the baby comfortably.

Plan the Best Positions

Put the baby in the center of the bean bag, and take photos from all angles including from straight above. Have the baby look in the direction you want, but don’t let his face or eyes be in the shadows.

The best way to photograph a newborn is in the nude. Have the room nice and warm so the baby will be comfortable. Dress comfortably yourself as you will be getting warm.

Plan the Light

You will want to use diffused even light. Never use a flash. It is unattractive in a baby photograph and disruptive as well. The best light is soft light such as indirect light through a window. Photograph the baby in the area where the light just begins to fade off.

The use of a fast lens is best as it will allow you to shoot at a large aperture and work in a darker environment. It will allow for better focus on you subject and will blur backdrops to eliminate distractions.

Use a zoom lens to vary the look of your shots. This will help in making those cute close-in shots of baby’s hands, feet, and other small features that people find so appealing. You can also fan out to catch the baby in a nice context, or in a picture that shows the child’s full length.

Get Closeup Shots

To highlight the newborn’s minute size get in as close as you can and photograph his cute little toes, little lips, little fingers and other small body parts. You can also photograph the baby’s hand on mother’s or father’s hand, or the baby’s feet between dad’s feet or introduce other items in the shot so that there will be a comparison to baby’s size.

Use Photoshop to improve your images in creative way. You may even want to check them out in black and white. If you have made the photographs in color use Photoshop to de-saturate the colors for a softer look. Remember that you can use a collection of your better shots in a photo album to make a nice gift for a close relative.

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